Staff training seminars of the "Servicestelle Weiterbildung"

The training of skilled personnel in vocational education and training institutions is one of the topics of the INBAS portfolio. The institute has developed, tested and implemented a large variety of further training concepts for experts and practitioners in the field of VET.

The seminars offered by the INBAS "Servicestelle Weiterbildung" (INBAS further training department in Germany) are based on a hands-on approach using an array of methods. Our portfolio comprises open seminars as well as in-house training on different topics.

Information on current courses and details on methods and organisation of our seminars may be found on the website of the INBAS "Servicestelle Weiterbildung" department (

Please note that these seminars are in German language only although we offer these seminars also abroad. If you wish to arrange for an inhouse seminar, please contact our team at

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About us