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Development of Occupational Profiles with the DACUM Method

A main focus of the INBAS international cooperation activities is the support of our partner countries in the modernization of their vocational training systems, especially in the standardization of their training programmes in line with the prevailing requirements of the labour market.

A world-wide recognized tool for the identification and visualization of labour market requirements is the DACUM (Develop ACurriculUM) method originating from North America. With this method, a group of job practitioners under the guidance of a qualified DACUM facilitator team develops in a 2-days DACUM workshop an occupational profile for a specific occupation in form of a DACUM Chart – a matrix format stating the Duties and Tasks an expert worker is supposed to perform on his workplace. The occupational profile also contains additional information about the so called “enablers” which are the knowledge & skills, personal attributes and worker behaviours as well as tools and equipment a person needs to know and to be able to apply when successfully performing the work tasks. INBAS maintains a pool of qualified and well experiences DACUM facilitators (among them one licensed Ohio State University Master Trainer) and is very well equipped to carry out DACUM workshops on customer request as well as to support projects in the capacity building in this field. Furthermore, INBAS is one of the leading institutes in the adaptation of the DACUM method for its application in the field of curriculum development and revision as well as in the area of assessment and certification.

INBAS offers DACUM workshops as well as Test Item Development Workshops in German, English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Rumanian language.


Birgit Voigt,

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