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Used as a monitoring tool for project and programme consultancy, backstopping supports the development and transfer of new evidences and innovations. Based on research and practice it provides critical advisory support for process development, testing and implementation as well as their documentation and evaluation.

INBAS has assumed the backstopping for many projects on a state and federal level for testing qualification concepts or working with regional development projects. As provider of backstopping services, we supply data, information and materials which make development opportunities and operation options visible. Thus we promote reflection of work, progress as well as intermediate and final results. By counselling, supporting, evaluating and assessing tasks, our backstopping teams work in a field that requires a reflective handling of demands and challenges within different professional roles.

Examples for our backstopping services are: the process supervision of the "Development Initiative: New Support Structure for Young People with Special Needs", the scientific monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of a new qualification framework in the care of elderly in the federal state of Hesse as well as the EQUAL Development Partnership "Network Qualification, Work and Integration in the Region of Hildesheim".


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