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Concept development

INBAS modifies, improves and develops, existing and new concepts and methods in pilot and development projects, expert groups and educational practice.

We organize the systematical testing of concepts and instruments, offer backstopping and technical support and transfer practical experience and scientific reflexion by publishing the results. Our work is practice-oriented since we draw on existing concepts, results and experiences and promote professional dialogue and cooperation with experts.

Thus our project teams in Germany have contributed in the implementation of qualification concepts for unskilled workers in the field of the care of the elderly or for detainees. One of the most challenging concept development projects INBAS has ever conducted was the development and implementation of a consistant support structure for the integration of disadvantaged young people into the labour market, a national pilot project for the Federal Employment Agency. Other features of our development work in Germany are concepts and instruments for vocational assessment and orientation or a pilot project for preventing apprenticeship dropout.

Our international teams are active in developing and testing new approaches to formulate vocational standards and setting up testing and certification systems within the VET frameworks of several partner countries, a task INBAS is specialized in for many years now.


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