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In long or short term commitments INBAS provides data, reports and results from research and development as well as information and expertise of practioneers thus enabling planning and decision making. On the individual level educational and occupational consulting services provide guidance in the personal development and lifelong learning. On both levels our services contribute to securing skilled personnel and promote social integration.

INBAS has provided extensive counselling services to the Federal Employment Agency especially during the organisational restructuring of support programmes for disadvantaged target groups in the eastern federal states. We continue to support institutions at home and abroad with their programme implementation as well as decision-makers and experts within educational policy and practice. For many years INBAS has counselled the Swiss Development Co-Operation (SDC) of the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs in questions of vocational training.

In expert committees such as the German National Innovation Circle for Vocational Education and Training (Innovationskreis Berufliche Bildung) including its working groups, advisory and monitoring bodies, members of our institute bring in practical experience in the field as well as expertise.


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