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Websites and data-bases

With the web-based software idb, developed by INBAS, providers of VET are able to perform all management and communication tasks necessary for the handling of labour market services on behalf of employment agencies as well as other educational programmes. Together with specialist partners we also develop data-bases as a working tool for projects thus providing systematized and flexible access to data. An example is the evaluation of the funding initiative "Regional Transition Management" of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. INBAS has also developed a web-based tool for the administration of exam questions and generation of exam files in cooperation with other educational programmes in partner states.

The implementation of websites on topics within the field of vocational training is part of our portfolio. We document project and event results and make them publicly accessible. Moreover we develop and supervise the editorial and technical work for our clients' websites. With the evaluation of "qualiboXX", an information, eLearning and community portal for educational staff working with disadvantaged young people, INBAS supplied data for its optimization and further development.

An example for a development project in the media sector was "Internetkompetenz für benachteiligte Jugendliche" (Internet competence for disadvantaged young people, 2000 - 2004): commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, INBAS developed the first eLearning course for experts in the transition system.


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