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Quality management

"EFQM - Commited to Excellence 2 Star" was awarded to INBAS GmbH - Institut für berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ), April 2019, valid for 3 years.
Certificate 2019 - 2022

Since 2006 INBAS GmbH is institutional member of the DeGEval – Evaluation Society.

In 2015 INBAS signed the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter) thus committing itself to support diversity within its organisation.

The projects EMSA and Arrivo-EMSA of INBAS Berlin have been awarded by k.o.s GmbH in Berlin with the "Qualitätssiegel Bildungsberatung", valid until 31/12/2019, according to the quality framework QBM (Qualitätsrahmen Berliner Modell).

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