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Evaluations, studies and expertises

With its evaluations, expert reports, studies and research projects INBAS offers the basis for

  • the estimation of goal achievement and efficiency,
  • the development and optimization of concepts
  • and the quality management

of programmes and instruments in the field of VET, promotion of employment and social integration. The results are used by decision makers and political representatives.

INBAS is expert in formative and summative evaluations of projects and programmes on a federal and state level having provided many appraisal reports, studies and expert assessments within national and international contexts. With formative evaluations we provide the project management with relevant information during the course of the project. Various and solid detailed knowledge gained in different projects and assignments are applied in our research, analysis and development work.

INBAS is member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Evaluation (German Society for Evaluation) and guides itself by the society’s quality standards. Thus attributes of our evaluation work are:

  • openness and sensitivity for the participants' interests,
  • usability and practicability,
  • partaking of the stakeholders in the research field,
  • a binding communication amongst all participants,
  • building teams with members from different professions,
  • a mix of qualitative and quantitative instruments of survey,
  • flexibility of concepts and their application.
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